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Give me 10 good reasons why

  1. They're way reliable. Macs just always seem to work.
  2. Movies, music, slideshows, photo editing - your Mac fully equipped to do it all.
  3. Take it out and plug it in. Macs are awesome out of the box.
  4. 114,000 viruses? Not on a Mac.
  5. Still the most advanced operating system.
  6. The latest Intel chips.
  7. No hunting for drivers.
  8. No beige boxes here. Macs are designed to turn heads.
  9. It's easy to get stay connected, Macs come equipped for Instant video chats.
  10. One-click Web sites.

Can I use my Mac with
Windows-Based software?

Why would you want to? Seriously though, Apple® computers will not run Windows programs or operating systems right out of the box. However, if you absolutely have to, there are ways to make it happen. Just purchase an Intel-based Mac and a copy of Windows XP. Then use Apple's Boot Camp or Parallel's Desktop for Mac to configure your machine dual-boot into both OS X and Windows.With this setup, you can have the best of both worlds.

Do I have to load drivers for my digital camera into my Mac?

Good question, Cecil B. You will rarely need to load a driver into your Mac. The Unix-based OS X has most of the current drivers preloaded into the system so that all you have to do is plug in your digital camera to the correct port on the computer and you are in business. The computer will open iPhoto and allow you to import the pictures off of the camera to the computer.

What is the Mac compatible with?

Because Apple uses the industry-standard USB, FireWire, DVI and audio connectors, standard PCI Express expansion slots, and standard memory and hard drives, your Mac is compatible with most peripherals on the market. They can run Microsoft Office and work with Office documents created on any Windows PC. They can surf the Internet, send email, sync with PDAs and cell and DV camcorder. They can use virtually any printer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and scanner; can connect to virtually any network; read virtually every type of removable media in any format; and support just about every industry standard. About the only thing that they aren't compatible with are the viruses, which is a good thing!

Can I use the Internet with my Mac?

Yes! The Mac is one of the hottest machines on the "information super highway." Every Mac comes with an email program, Web browser and AOL Instant Messenger Client. And because it runs Apple's OS X operating system instead of Windows, you won't be vulnerable to the tens of thousands of viruses, spyware, trojans and other things that infect Windows-based computers.