What just a few satisfied customers are saying about us

Macanix is all about the technicians. They've always exceeded our expectations. From the initial set-up of systems through regular maintenance to troubleshooting and advice on future needs, Macanix reps have had the answers and insight we've required. Though we're a Mac shop, we're also the in-house design team for a PC-based corporation. Macanix works seamlessly with our corporate IT group to ensure we're able to link to printers and servers across our network.

David Endres, creative director

I highly recommended Macanix. Landin and Scott know their Mac stuff, plus they can work on Windows and peripherals. We've used them for years and wouldn't want to look at anyone else.

Rachel E. Blakeman, marketing director
Lancia Homes

I've used Macanix since the first day they opened. Their technicians are very knowledgeable, friendly, and trustworthy. They also have a great understanding and commitment to service. I know they'll not only get the job done right, but they'll also get to it quickly. With Macanix, I don't wait days or weeks for service. I'd gladly recommend Macanix to anyone.

Rich Brune, principal
Suburban Bethlehem Lutheran School

As a smaller organization, we don't have the manpower to adequately maintain our own network. I've had the pleasure of working with Macanix for several years. Their knowledge of Mac computers, networking, and peripherals is phenomenal. They've been very available to help with everything from installation to helping us put together a three-year technology plan. Financially, they're a very good value for our technology dollar.

Jeff Schumacher, administrator
Gateway Woods

Macanix has been really helpful no matter the time. Even though they have many clients, I'm amazed at how quickly they can come. They're also really pleasant to have around. Some tech guys have no personality or are really quiet. Landin comes in, and, while he doesn't disrupt, he gets along with everyone and can diffuse any tense computer situation.

Meghan Britton, graphic designer
Britton Marketing & Design Group

Computer technology is changing so quickly, and we at Skytech can't keep up with these changes while focusing on our business. But thanks to Macanix, we don't have to. They provide the service that a full-time information systems staff would-but at a fraction of the cost. Their staff is easy to contact and communicate with, and they truly understand customer service, which is rare in business today. We couldn't ask for a better partner in technology than Macanix.

Christopher Flick, CEO
Skytech Products Group

Macanix is responsive to our needs, and brings us the knowledge and experience necessary to manage our computer equipment and network. We also use them to proactively run regular maintenance on all our equipment to keep us running at peak performance.

Mark Felger, general manager
Brand Innovation Group